Friday, April 18, 2014

5 Minutes

yesterday I found out that Milo knew how to unlock doors. The sister missionaries were over for dinner and when they left he unlocked the door and followed them. I was right there, so I ran after him and brought him back in the house.

Today I couldn't find Milo for five minutes.

We were in our gated backyard. Brett was in the front blowing the leaves to the street with the leaf blower we borrowed from our neighbours, he had kept the garage open so he could get to the house easily. I had made lunch for the kids and we all ate outside. When they were finished I left Milo in his swing and Abbott in the pile of leaves and ran in the house to put the plates in the sink and to grab Milo's iPad to take a picture.

I was gone for 30 seconds. 30. I came back and Milo was gone. I looked around the yard and noticed the side door on the garage opened. I ran into the garage, seeing that the big garage door was opened, I realized then that he was gone. I thought for a second "well, Brett must have seen him, he's in the front" but when I ran to Brett his back was facing me, with his headphones in his ears, blowing a loud leaf blower... he didn't know Milo had ran through here.

"Brett!!"... "BRETT!!!" he heard me finally and I mouthed "Milo's gone" I started running down the street and Brett threw the blower and ran towards the house to watch Abbott. I looked down the long path of the block both ways and didn't see him. I ran back to the house about to call the police, I had heard stories like this before, autistic children wander all the time, Milo is one of those kids, oh my gosh he could be anywhere. Before I reached the house I had a feeling I should look in my neighbours yard, I know it was the spirit telling me where to go because Milo has never been in their yard before. I ran back there and there he was, sitting by their tree reading my copy of "The Great Gatsby".

He was gone for 5 Minutes, and all it took was me not being there for 30 seconds.

I read another bloggers article about her child with autism and one thing she said is that you're always in survival mode. This is what she meant. She meant that no matter how old your kid is, you can't leave them in your gated backyard for 30 seconds. They will run away. When you call for them, they won't answer. When you shout for them to come back, they won't respond. When you tell them not to run into the street, they ignore you, because they have no sense of danger.

I don't think I'll ever feel relaxed again for the rest of my life.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Losing Weight Blows Chunks

It's my own fault. I love food and hate exercise and now I'm paying the price. I'm in the "eat healthy and work out hard" phase right now and I'm about to punch a nun in the face if I can't eat a flipping flapping chocolate bar. Really Easter? You HAD to show up while I couldn't eat mini-eggs? You're the worst. and what is with husbands that eat crap right in front of your face! "Don't you worry about me, I'll just quietly eat my ice cream in the corner. You keep doing those lunges."

Speaking of lunges. I.Hate.Jillian Michaels. Which I guess is a compliment to her, because she's kicking my flabby butt... but I want to murder her by the end of every work out. I yell obscenities at the screen throughout the horrific 25 minutes to make myself feel better. It doesn't work. I sometimes plot her death. Which kind of makes me feel better, but then just worries me.

The only thing that's getting me through is my competitive nature. I told myself I would lose this freaking weight and by George I'm doing it!

I went online swimsuit shopping. I know. Bad idea. I pre-ordered a swimsuit that's going to arrive at my house at the end of the month. I know I won't be where I want to by then, but it's my motivation... because it's 1 size too small for me right now.

...and it was extremely expensive it's from anthropologie expensive.


Wish me luck guys and if you're going through the same thing you should watch THIS. It pumps me up every time I watch it! We're strong women! WOO HOO! (sometimes I tear up when I watch it... Barb?)

Saturday, April 12, 2014

I Did It

4 attempts and 1 newborn posing workshop later and I finally did it. I did the froggy pose.

I want to specialize in newborn photography and SO much you don't even know goes into it. It's the most challenging and reward type of photography I've done thus far. My goal was to nail all the classic poses, from the "elbow to knee" to the "taco pose" to the "cocoon" to the "froggy pose". The froggy pose especially because honestly, it's extremely difficult. The baby has to, of course, be flexible enough to bend completely in half, if the baby cries while doing it, they're obviously uncomfortable and you should stop attempting it. Next the baby has to be VERY sleepy, because who could naturally sleep bent in half with your face in your hands? Babies... that's who.
I was nervous to attempt it... the session I did before woke that baby up so much that she woke up completely for the rest of the session.
but practice makes perfect, right?
and boy was it worth it.

"but how can she sit like that on her own??? Isn't that dangerous?"
It's a composite photo, meaning it's two photos that are merged together in photoshop. Like this:

It's so fun playing with a picture like this is photoshop and it's the most satisfying feeling. I am so beyond thrilled that I finally... FINALLY got this photo. Plus the baby in the photo is super cute! Bonus!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

My Sweet Boy

Oliver was my good boy and Abbott is my crazy boy.

Milo is my sweet boy.

He shared his snack with Abbott in sacrament meeting.

He cleaned up after he spilled his milk.

He grabbed my hand and his blankie and brought me to his room asking me to give him a nap with no complaint.

He snuggled close to me while I played "This little piggie" with his toes.

He listened and obeyed when I told him he couldn't have another snack from my purse (he even zipped it back up)

Tonight for bed he grab my face, pulled it close to his and gave me a butterfly kiss, I gave him one back and he laughed before giving me a kiss on the lips. Then he sat down on his bed and folded his arms for bedtime prayers.

Sometimes I wonder what I did to deserve such an amazingly sweet little boy. :)

Monday, March 24, 2014

It's True - Milo and Abbott

Before I gave birth to Abbott I read up a lot on what having a sibling would be like for Milo. There were a lot of things to learn and a million different scenarios that could have been, and I honestly don't remember most of it. The one thing my mind locked onto was that sometimes the autistic child will begin to imitate their younger sibling. I thought there was no chance of it. Milo literally had never imitated in his life thus far, I thought it more applied to children higher up on the spectrum...'

It should be said that Abbott loves stuffed animals. LOVES. He carries them around with him everywhere and his crib looks like this every single night

Milo has never imitated Abbott... I sort of let that go a while ago... and then Brett and I started to notice something...

We started to notice Milo would carry a stuffed animal around with him every once in a while, and then one night he ran and grabbed a Woody doll and brought it with him to bed, just like Abbott does. He sleeps with it every night now.

This isn't some new toy... he's had this since he was one year old and he never ever cared about carrying it around, and now he does.

I love it.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Winter Zoo

It got up to 9 degrees today and that was good enough for me to get the heck out of the house. My friend invited me to the zoo, they have free days on Monday, so we headed over there.

I'm so glad I have awesome friends here because without her, or her sit-n-stand stroller, I would've lost it. Milo actually did pretty awesome, he looked at the animals this time! Or at least the elephants. He was mostly happy to just be running around outside.

This is one of my favorite pictures of Milo ever. I can't explain why I love it so much, it's just... he was so calm, happy, and at peace with everything at that moment. I love it.

Annnnnnnd on the way home it was the exact opposite. haha. He sat between his two friends and plugged his ears most of the time. Oh Milo.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Dear Winter

Can ya please find some consistency? Every year it seems to change drastically from the year before. I would rather it be always warm this time of year or always cold. Yes I said cold, because at least I wouldn't be expecting something better and dreaming of warmth.

Can you believe this was us 2 years ago??... IN FEBRUARY!

hold back the tears... this was MARCH 2012

So please just make a choice... cold or not cold because we people that live here aren't enjoying the once awesome memories.