Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Another First Timer Post

Well I wrote another post from my other blog. This is actually a pretty big deal of a post for me. I think I put on a face for certain aspects of my life because I'm afraid of what people will think of me when they see it. I wrote this post a few days ago, but haven't had the courage to promote it, so this is the next best thing, right? I feel like I trust you readers over facebook. Hopefully I'll have the courage to let down my hair completely for all to see. I really do want to be authentic and open and honest about myself and feel completely at ease with it all. 

Baby steps.

The topic of the post? Sexy Playlist. ;)


Saturday, April 11, 2015

Taylor Swift Experiment Conclusion

It works!

I spent the last 2 hours complaining to my husband, I wrote 3 different giant posts about how hurt I was and deleted all of them, I was so mad. I tend to react very "swiftly" *wink wink* when someone offends me, and as I was about to press send, I proclaimed that the Taylor Swift Experiment was a complete failure, but decided to give it one more listen right at that moment to make sure. 

It completely changed my mood.
 I bawled through the first listen and then danced through the second.

I'm shaking it off people. 

Have a good one. 

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Abbott Update

Abbott is in this beyond adorable stage right now. He's a bit of a "head in the clouds" type of kid, but it can be cute to sit back and watch. He's talking a bit more now, his big thing is asking "what's your name?" and then saying "my name is lkehfkj".

The really big thing about him right now is he's ALWAYS singing. It is thee cutest thing I've ever seen or heard. He loves music so much. Is it weird that I already can't wait to tell him about himself when he's older? He's just the biggest sweet heart. My favorite thing is hearing him outside of his bedroom door after I've tucked him in for bed singing to himself. "Twinkle twinkle little star... dlkijfkn wonder what you ARE. up lkjf bove kdnjf so HIGH" It's too much. 

He's also big into lining up all his toys and placing letters next to them. I think it was in a kids video he watched that matched up the letters with what animal it was, but he, of course, just puts whatever letter next to whatever animal. 

I just want to squeeze him he's so cute!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

First Timer Introduction

I'm starting a new website called "first timer: my journey to authenticity and purple hair". I want purple hair. It's that simple, the problem: me. I can't give myself a moment to love myself for who I really am and I'm ready for it. I started this website as a goal of sorts. I'm going to be doing a lot of "first timer" thing that will take me out of my comfort zone, but will hopefully show me to love my life and find out who I really am. If you have any first time ideas I'd love to hear them. I'm thinking of starting a garden, maybe sky diving (maybe), water skiing, training for a big race (I've kind of done this, but I didn't give it my all), trying new styles, going on a crazy vacation, and the end goal is to have purple hair. I don't know why, but I want purple hair.

Here's the link to the site, I hope you can enjoy it.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Autism Awareness Day

It's that time of year again. Autism awareness time.

Milo was diagnosed with autism 3 years ago. He was the same age my younger son, Abbott, is now. Autism has been something that people are finally noticing a lot more, thanks to social media, but people still aren't quite sure what to do around my son. They hesitate and don't want to offend, so they opt to doing nothing. We parents of kids with special needs see it all the time and we get it. You see something you're not quite familiar with and you feel uncomfortable jumping in. Maybe you've ventured a "Hi (insert name of ASD child)" and got no response. At that point you're probably not too sure what to do. 

I'm going to help you. I'm going to give you the secrets and knowledge you've been wondering about. 

Don't give up on my kid. 

It's as simple as that. All I'm searching for is a person who will attempt to get to know him. He might not respond back to you, and he'll definitely attempt to walk away from you, but please... don't give up on my son. When you get to know him you'll find out that he's so sweet and cuddly. He loves songs, he loves movies, he loves anything sensory stimulating, like play dough. He's obsessed with water and has zero fear. It won't be as simple as asking him what he wants to do and having him respond instantly. You'll have to go to his level and be in his world, you'll probably have to get a little dirty and rough, but I guarantee you he's worth it. 

If you want to go a step further, teach your kids about autism, teach them to not be afraid to try, teach them to never give up on my son. My son doesn't have many friends, social troubles is part of what he has to deal with. To have a child come up to my son and attempt to play with him is something every parent with a child on the spectrum has thought about and agonized over. 

If you're worried about making this sudden approach then simply ask me questions. Ask me about my son and what some of the things he's going through are, ask me what you should know about autism in general and how you can help. Ask me anything, I promise I won't bite. 

The slogan for autism awareness day is "light it up blue". So on the official day, April 2nd, wear blue and show your support for all the people with ASD, and get to know us. 


Tuesday, March 31, 2015


Does anyone else have troubles with letting their kids fly free? With Milo I was never so intense, but with Abbott, I see him climb a chair and I catch my breath a little before realizing that he needs to learn how to climb up on a chair. 

It's silly, really, but I see him as my little baby and I almost can't help but worry about him. Just now he took a potty chair, dragged it up against the back of the couch and climbed up on it and toppled over onto the cushions. Besides the fact that I'm a horrible mother that allows her kids to jump on the couches I can't help but feel a little afraid of him climbing on the couch at all. 

I never felt this with Milo. I've seen Milo perched on the top of his bed post with one foot and didn't bat an eye. At what point is it okay to let your kids fall?

Abbott is just so clumsy! Does anyone else have clumsy kids? He's just always flopping around without thinking, it's very cute to watch, until he flops his head into a wall, then he's just sad. Has anyone noticed one of their kids is way more "head in the clouds" super clumsy? He just seems to fall down and hurt himself sooo much more than Milo ever did.

Am I crazy?

Friday, March 27, 2015

Taylor Swift Experiment

So I have emotional problems. I don't need to get into them, they're there. I can go from happy to fuming mad in half a second. Lately I've been attempting to remind myself to not do that, to be nice. It should be easy to choose to be nice. Mostly I can keep it up, but sometimes it creeps up on me out of nowhere. Usually it's when there's some extra annoyance, like lack of sleep, or a headache, etc, that I let it out, and it's usually the ones I love the most that get the brunt of it. 

So I've noticed this about myself, I've known for a while, and I want to change it. I've written reminders on my mirror and on my fridge that say "don't be mean" and "be nice" and they're actually working pretty well. I'm going to add another experiment to the list. I'm calling it my "Taylor Swift Experiment"

I have posted in the past a few times about the effects music has on me. It has the ability to change my mood completely. I don't listen to Taylor Swift regularly, but I was cleaning my house while blasting music and Taylor Swift's "shake it off" came on and I busted a mood while crushing cans and by the end of the song I was sweating and smiling. I ran back to my computer and played it again and again dancing and doing the dishes, mopping my floor, scrubbing my toilet and definitely "shaking it off". I also noticed that it didn't have to be that one song, that all her music had the same impact.

To the experiment: when I am upset I'm going to put Taylor Swift on. Based on my temper track record I'm guessing Taylor Swift will be a regular in this house. 

I will return and report the findings at the end of next week.